Yow! We got both binder strakes on tonight and both sheer strakes spiled. laid out, cut out and scarfed. Dan worked the day shift with me, Dennis the night shift. It’s really starting to look like a boat. Here is the second binder emerging from its rough sawn motherboards. Fun to find the board you want buried an these wiggly, woggly planks.

And the binder strakes wrapped on.

A view I hope I don’t get on the river:

And the sheer strakes laid up. Man that looks just wrong:

The blue tape is holding brown epoxy in the various knot holes and weird spots. It’s not easy to get clear northern white cedar, and I sure didn’t.

We got a bit of humor today regarding our upcoming Grand Canyon voyage for Edith. The rumor of the moment is that they may do another flood flow this spring, right in the middle of our trip: 40,000 cfs. And I thought this boat looked narrow and tippy and tiny when thinking of running the gorge on 8,000. Egods.