We had one day off which we spent recuperating. Then it was back to the drawing board for a two-week class building the whitewater boat we call the Chub.

This time I was the nominal teacher with Cricket as my assistant. But actually we just co-teach. Neither of us wants to do it alone. With the lines drawn, we built the ribs and installed bulkheads and framing.

Assembly day is always gratifying.

For this boat we are doing our trademark fiberglass inner chine. Four folks are under the the boat smoothing the glass as soon as the bottom is fastened.

We were quartered this year in the apartment above the boatshop. I discovered a small mystery behind the bathroom door. I wonder what this battery powered?

Up with the boat. Time to start decking. We steamed the gunwales on in order to create the fair curves that the decks will follow.

Cricket’s birthday. Mike gave her his father’s banjo.

Beefy fiberglass bottom in place. Thanks to Resin Research, makers of the world’s best epoxy, for donating the resin and hardener for the classes.

Oh my god! A sunny day! We take Amesbury Jane out for a row.

Cricket doing a little undercover work.

Sometimes it seems like we aren’t getting much done. But we are. Ten days to build this boat is an insane pace.

We took a wee break before breakfast to go with Annie Nixon out to visit our friend Barry, captain of the Mary Day. Such a beautiful ship.

All the gutters get glassed, and the decks are all glassed where they meet the sidewalls. Then the hatch lids get built and installed.

With a bit of extra time Cricket freehanded the boat’s nickname.

Mike hosted a couple hollow log parties down at the campground.

Against all odds, Peaches is done and ready for launch a bit after noon on day ten.

We had an outing to Seal Rock for her christening.

Amesbury Jane got a motor! The cutest little Honda 2.3hp 4-stroke.

And that’s it. Six weeks after leaving home we headed back. And by incredible good luck we scored an upgrade for the long leg. We love what we do.