Here’s a heads up on the classes Cricket and I will be teaching at WoodenBoat School. Click the links for a full description.

So sorry! Both classes are full as of January 5. You can get on a waiting list if you like, as some folks do cancel once they come to their senses.

Building the McKenzie River Drift Boat

Cricket Rust
Six-day course, June 11-17
Cricket will be teaching the skills required to take a set of not-necessarily-accurate numbers, loft them into a drawing that pleases the eyes of the class, and build the boat to those lines. Cricket is also reaching out to all the women of the world who want to learn boatbuilding, but aren’t terribly excited about learning it from some old guy. The world is desperate for more lady boatbuilders! And, in my humble opinion, Cricket is a far better teacher than I am. Here’s a shot of two McKenzies we built in a class at Lowell’s Boat Shop last month. (There will likely be two built during this course as well.)

Building the Chub River Dory

Brad Dimock
Two-week course, June 18 – July 1
I will be doing the same thing Cricket did in terms of designing the final shape with the class and building to those lines, then continuing on to fully deck the boat for whitewater use. Here’s a shot of a Chub we built for our friend Tess:

And here’s a shot of Tess doing load tests in her Chub:

At the end of these courses, students can throw their names in a hat and win one of the boats for the cost of materials. Both Cricket and I will be there for both classes, taking turns as leader and assistant. If you really want to absorb the skills of building a boat this way, you could even consider taking both courses. The second one will be far more informative once you’ve gone through the steps with the first course.

For those who have not been to WoodenBoat School’s Brooklin, Maine campus, you are in for an incredible treat. It is right on Eggemoggin Reach–a branch of Penobscot Bay–and housed in the buildings of an old estate. There is a beautiful fleet of classic rowboats and sailboats to play in after class. And the meal program will make you bigger than when you showed up.

So if any of this sounds inviting, check in at WoodenBoat School and see if there are any spots remaining:

WoodenBoat Registration information

Here is a lovely video of us teaching at Lowell’s Boat Shop last month:

The McKenzie Drift Boat Class, Fretwater Boatworks at Lowell’s Boat Shop