Justin Gallen made the mistake of walking into my shop a few years ago and ended up with a tool in his hands and a few years of apprenticing in our eclectic shop. During that time we designed the Doryak, our popular little one-man dory based on the lines of the classic Briggs Grand Canyon Dory, but with a footprint the size of the venerable plastic one-man rowing tub called the SportYak. Here are Justin and Cricket consecrating the original embryonic Doryak.

Justin was the Doryak’s first test pilot, rowing it through the spanky waters of Westwater Canyon.

He is without a doubt the most aggressive user of the craft, surfing waves on the Lochsa and other rivers.

Justin has now opened his own boatshop, Raindog Boatworks, and is building Doryaks with our blessing. Here are his first Doryaks.

He’s now added a two-man version called the Gunnimoon, and is building oars and paddles to order as well. We’re delighted to have him join the rarified ranks of southwestern dory builders, and highly recommend you check out his new website. With demand far exceeding Fretwater’s ability to build boats and still enjoy life (our 2022-23 building season is already full) we’re glad to be able to send folks to Justin to build their dream boat. Check out his new website and get your new boat on his build list!

Raindog Boatworks

Instagram: raindogboatworks