In early June Dawn and I took our doryaks north. RJ joined us with his doryak in Nevada and we headed for the Snake River basin.

We launched on the Wallowa and headed down toward the Grande Ronde. Fast and beautiful.

A sheltered camp for the storm.

A groovy groover site.

An alien landing zone. And the shadow of an alien.

I love camping.

RJ missing the first pot of coffee. Again.

Doryaks rule.

There were more bugs than I have ever seen. Fortunately they didn’t bite.

Ice cream stop at Troy.

Lunch beneath an alder.

RJ got up too early.

A box elder hideaway.

Happy Dawn.

A fixer-upper on the lower Grande Ronde.

Cattle country.

RJ’s alarm clock.

A wee breeze came through, snapped the tent, and rearranged a few things in the kitchen.

The rapid. A few miles above the Snake is The Narrows.

We left the river at Heller Bar on the Snake and dropped into Lewiston for the night. We stopped by the OARS dories warehouse. Here is a newly refurbished 1976 Briggs boat.

And a recently remodeled Briggs aluminum boat–the work was done by the Middle Fork of the Salmon.

The next day, after a long drive, we launched at Spring Creek on the Salmon. A day or two later, after lunch, I found my phone looking up at me from the river bottom by my boat. And so here are all my photos of the Salmon:

Hmphh. Oh well. It was a fabulous 2-week trip. We met a lot of locals, rendezvoused with a mega-dory trip, and by unanimous consent took out a day early due to the crushing  heat wave. Off to Maine on Thursday! Wheee!