Over the last couple weeks in our mad push to build Mike’s dory, we took a few days off to work on a series of bookshelf-sized dories. They are a classic Briggs form, built at 30% of true size. First we mass produce the rib sets.

We make bow posts with rolling bevels, and cut sides and transoms. Because I built a prototype on a strongback last winter, we have accurate side-panel patterns and can free-form the builds.



The wee thing comes together with a fair bottom curve. Whew.


In with an inner chine.

On with the bottom.

And the outer chines.

Up with the hull and on with the gunwales.

It’s fun to have these concurrent projects going on. For the most part the processes are the same. And they look so cute together.


Pat even made some tiny oarlock patterns to cast.


Another hull begins. Here are the bow post, frames and transom.


They’re just so cute when they’re young.