I’ve grown increasingly inept at documenting trips, instead just grabbing my little telephone camera when the mood strikes or the light is irresistible. A few shots from Tequila Beach back in September. Scotsmen celebrate the day.

Ned contemplates the state of the world.

And the sun rises on Lava Falls.

Oh that autumn light.

The Scottish Saltair, flapping on my flagpole and blowing through the sky.

Lora and Ned finishing off the trip.

Back in town it’s music time:

The Katie Lee and Bernie got to decorate one of the venues for the weekend.

Dawn with duck bill, fighting off the smoke of the Sedona forest fire.

And then October. That sun still keeps going up and down with great drama.

May as well celebrate it.

Waterfalls for lunch.

A sunrise fogfall off the rim.

The Hilltop ruin one afternoon.

The view in the other direction.

Okay, okay, I’ll take another sunset picture.

Royal Arch. It is a lot further than it was a few decades ago. Someone really stretched that route out.

209-Mile Canyon

Yeah, yeah.

Heading across Lake Mead with the training trip.

Sunset with disco ball.

And the last night of the river season, heading into Pearce Ferry. The sun wanted us to know all those other sunsets were puppy chow.