Well, spring came and we finally finished up Dae Edwards’s new studio with a grand party. The porch roof is on and we be done. What a wonderful adventure this has been for the community.

Geoff got a nice shot here.

And on into the night with squeezebox and songs sung in Gaelic.

Back in the shop we got out the big order of oars with hours to spare. Preliminary reports on their performance are quite good. Whew.

We celebrated spring here with the daffodils. I think all one thousand we planted came up. They sure make me happy.

And off down the river for the first trip of the year. I somehow managed to forget to take more than a couple shots. Sunset in my office

And one of a zillion Palmer’s pen stamens on the Diamond Creek road.

Kate made it back to Flagstaff to finish up the parts for her McKenzie boat. But now she’s off boating for the summer so we may not pull it together until fall.

A dorky little project–all the paddleboat paddles in the size I like have broken handles. So I made a new one of ash, walnut, and padauk.

While I was on the river Janek finished up the new bank of drawers. We spent the last few days moving things around, sorting debris, making drawer dividers, and so forth. I think life in the shop will now be even better. Certainly more efficient.

I’ve got another day of tidying up loose ends, then it’s off downriver again with my new paddle. Woohoo!