With the Briggs course over, the new boats are evicted into the snowy winter.

And we set to work building a second furnace. It is sitting on the stove driving out the moisture before we take it up to 2000 degrees.

We also cast up some sand rammers out of oak, 1-1/2″ conduit, and molten lead.

The arena of operation is complete. Let the furnaces roar.

But first, a house concert. Julie Sullivan arranged for the incredible Jeff Scroggins and Colorado to play a show in my living room. What an incredible treat. Don’t miss an opportunity to see these folks play.

Back in the shop we start each morning pounding sand molds.

And outside to the sounds of screaming leaf blowers and blaring jet blasts of flame, we pour molten bronze.

Somehow folks began slipping away to their “real” jobs before the end, and we did not get a chance for a group photo of all the castings. But here are a few washers coming out of the sand–turtles and stars.

Jon is casting the breasthook for his McKenzie boat.

BJ is casting bulb-tipped oarlocks that will be less likely to go through his leg.

And Janek and I are helping our friend Bruce develop a new style oarlock.

Hot, smoky, stinky, filthy, scary work. Hard to have more fun than that.