We laid up and carved the mast for Stella this week. A mighty thing it is. Here we are drawing the curves on a lovely piece of Sitka spruce my friend Rob shipped down from Alaska.

Creating a sixteen-sided thing.

And a round thing.

And an erection party.

Oh wait–two erections. In the same day. Did I mention I accidentally bought a sailboat on Craigslist? The cutest little Hobie Holder 14. It was too good a deal to pass up. Just the thing I needed.

We had another community work day on our friend Dave’s studio. It has been a wonderful thing for everyone, and Dave is delighted. We are getting close!



A selfie.

Omo had a little accident on her maiden voyage. Janek is grinding off the patches.

Hmmmm. Maybe it wasn’t so little.

Okay, it was a pretty good wreck.

But like a scary head wound, it doesn’t look so bad once it is cleaned up. Two cracked ribs, easily repaired, and a new bit of side-panel.

This is why I don’t get more done. Sunrise from my pillow.