We ran nine to nine today and got the danged gunwales on. Oh My God. There’s really no other day in small boatbuilding like getting the gunwales on. No more startling or gratifying moment than when you stand back and look at the finished hull in all tis glory.

Oh–first things first: and no more terrifying moment than settling on the final sheer line and cutting it. Sheesh.

Heather preparing to prepare the walnut gunwales: rout, sand, oil.

Then it’s all hands on deck and nobody remembering to take pictures. Making the grueling inner gunwale cuts. Making sure it is properly seating all along its length. Getting the outwale clamped on. Then bolt by bolt, trying to get them on just so. Then the marathon belt sanding, routing, sanding, sanding, vacuuming, oiling and rubbing down. Then standing back and wondering how it got to be nine o’clock at night.
 Like I said yesterday, like framing a fine painting. Like I said yesterday, POW.