I am back from my first trip of the year, and my first dory flip in many years. (Hermit, fifth wave, of course). Somehow I forgot to take pictures except at the put-in and take-out. 
Five dories ready to leave Lee’s Ferry.

Moonlight on the Colorado that evening.

And a festive ride out Diamond Creek at trip’s end. It was the eleventh annual Dories and Stories trip, and, I am told, the last. Sigh. But it was a great run.

I got a postcard from our little Bank Dory, Ruby, safe in her home on Friendship Long Island in Maine. Lora is living a few hours away now, though, so Ruby is going to see a lot more boating than she has of late.

Dr. John showed up to work on the Dion Swampscott Dory we are building him.

We were able to hang the binder and sheer strakes this week.

And glass her bottom.

And roll her right-side up.

Last night we glassed the inside of her belly. I am off downriver again tomorrow. We’ll start building ribs when I return.

Meanwhile, the new generation of double dory trailer is birthing. She went off to the welder today. Very exciting.