Congratulations! Someone reading this post in the next twelve hours will mark the 150,000th visit to Fretwaterlines. It could be you, right here, right now. I wish I could supply you with a ticker tape parade and a suite of gifts, but no, you shall remain anonymous.

Of those (I am sure you are dying to know) 81% are from the USA. And honest, I clicked the option to where it does not count my visits. It wasn’t all me.

USA is followed by 2.3% from…

Drum roll…
Ukraine. Heartland of computer hackers.
Followed by Russia at 1-1/2%.
I’m sure these are all boat enthusiasts. 
Then Germany, France, Canada and…
Another drum roll…
Jamaica, at an even one percent. Thanks Tom!
UK, Turkey, and China round out the top ten with a combined 1-1/3%
More than 9% are not in the top ten. Since China, at number ten, had only 1/3%, that implies there are at least thirty more countries out there with die-hard Fretwaterlines fans out there. Burkina Faso perhaps? Berzerkistan?
First post of 330 total posts was December, 2010. 
Most popular post was a 2012 one on oar leathering, with 2778 views.

And as a Mac geek, I am pleased to report over half the visits were from Apple users. 

Anyhow, thanks for showing up y’all. It’s been a fun time.