But first, a few winter adventures from our recent two-foot storm. From my coffee chair this morning: the sodium streetlight glowing pink in the pre-dawn twilight.

Coming down from the mountain yesterday I and four other hapless drivers discovered that the wide blade of the snowplow makes the road seem wider than it is. The outer three feet or so are are actually a mirage–flat cindery snow that looks like roadway but is actually a three-foot deep ditch filled with dirty snow. My first time stuck in a Previa in twenty years of driving it in snow and ice. The nice fellow in the black truck, after pulling himself into the ditch trying to rescue me and being rescued by his dad, finally pulled me and two others out.

Timid avalanche in training, easing itself off the shop roof.

And making upside-down icicles.

Okay, back to work. Here is a very professional method for squeezing the sides of an oar-slot into place while the epoxy kicks. Mash it full of wedges and pile heavy lead ducks on them. It actually worked.

Meanwhile the night crew presses onward, fiberglassing all the seams and gutters. Have I mentioned I hate fiberglassing?

And tonight, Janek and I sanding it all smooth. Ick. Itch.