The adventure continues. I am so glad to have helpers more flexible than I.

Everything in the universe is connected to everything else. Especially in boats.

While Janek continues to fasten things in, I grind them to dust. Lots of guttering. It’s all about trying to think like water.

Here Janek is making the storyboard for the big rear deck. The art of spiling is a wonderful thing. A board, a stick, a pencil, and no rulers. The pokey end of the stick goes to every corner and every curve of the proposed deck piece. It’s position is recorded.


Then, with the same stick, the points are transferred to the fresh plywood. Connect the dots and cut.


The hatch lid is cut out of the huge deck, then the deck is fastened down.

It is very handy having a crane in the shop. I need to screw in the center bulkhead that separates the side hatches and supports the boatman’s footwell. So we lift the boat to the ceiling with the push of a button. I do so love my crane.

In goes the boatman’s footwell.

And Janek screws in the last piece of decking. Day fifteen of the build.

People ask why I still use slotted screws. It’s because I have to take them out again after they’ve been covered with filler, paint, and other glop. When I rebuilt the Betty Boop I saved nearly every brass screw. Most of them went back into the rebuild, but I still have a lot. They come in handy when I need one odd size. So a little bit more magic goes into the next boat. Like sourdough starter.

I found the perfect bowline for this mighty ship.

Is it the whiskey or does this boat look the teensiest bit crooked?

*** And here is a graphic response to my brother’s smart-ass comment below. The website won’t let me post an image down there: