Today we began the meticulous job of cutting twenty-four unique lips for the six hatch lids. They are made of white oak and, if we make them right, fit perfectly into all the gutters and discourage water from squeezing under them and up over the hatch rim into the boat. Six of the lips have to accommodate a solid brass piano hinge–worth it’s weight in brass, mind you. Those things are not cheap.
I was excited to find a use for my cool old Millers Falls bullnose plane.

Cricket working on the bow hatch hinge.

Zasha fitting side and stern hatches.

And before we glue them together we run them all through the dado blade so they will accommodate the plywood lid. In theory, we will epoxy the rims together in place tomorrow. Once they are firm we’ll pull them out, flip them. trace the rabbeted inset onto plywood, cut the plywood, and glue them into the rims. And, still in theory, they will fit perfectly. You know how theories are. But this has worked before.  Fingers crossed.

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