The scarf joints came out quite well. A bit of grinding and voila–a 21′ side-panel.

Then we clamped it to the boat to mark where it hit the top and bottom of the frames.

Then back on the floor to batten out the cuts into a nice smooth curve.

And cut them, both sides at once. This better be right.

Wait a minute. That’s not A nice smooth curve. It’s several of them.

Can’t be right. It just can’t be.

But it is. Back on the boat.

Back to the bench to mark and drill all the holes, two sheets at a time.

Back on the boat, with icky sticky pookie and bronze screws.

Side one went on perfectly. Side two let us know that even though the boat was supposed to be symmetrical, the form was not perfect. A bit of laughter, a bit of despair, and we fixed it.

That’s last year’s mistletoe in the foreground . It doesn’t work anymore.