We went to a hot sandy island for a week or so. Somewhere southeast of Texas I think. It was miserable. Sand all over the beaches.

Little to drink but beer and rum. Several of our friends made the same error.

There were beggars along the roads.

And other hazards.

There was no Safeway.

The bathroom walls were infested.

Buildings were falling down.

The snails were heavily armed.

Plants were pokey.

We got rained on.

There were weird birds.

They followed us into the water. Creepy.

We tried being boats for a while. Boats with glass-bottom windows. But underwater things were even weirder.

And pokey.

There were a lot of little green fish.

They didn’t like this sponge thing. Or maybe it was a coral.

Some fish were blue.

Some were yellow.

Some had an attitude, like this barracuda.

Some weren’t even fish. This one is a squid

And an octopus

That turned purple for some reason.

This thing is a spotted eagle ray. His friends are remoras.

Yikes. A big stingrayay.

And a three-legged turtle.

And a mermaid.

The place was crawling with freaky life forms. It was exhausting. We went ashore, drank more beer, and tried to rest.