Walking on Water. WOW. A far better name for a Stand-up Paddleboard than (yuck) “SUP.” RJ prefers simply “Paddleboard” and that works too. But SUP? Nope. Anyhow, we wowed ’em at the boatworks the last couple weeks–so much that I have been too busy to update this blog. I’ll try harder. Here is a fly-by of the last two WOW sessions.

Andy on the hot wire

Dennis on the receiving end of the band saw. This proved to be a slicker way than handsaws to cut the perimeter in a straight and plumb fashion.

We didn’t get any shots of shaping, but I gotta say, I got pretty good with a Skil 100. Greg would have been proud of me. Six boards (three at a shot) shaped and sealed.

This one’s mine. That’s Gin-and-Tonic Man, a glyph we discovered in the far reaches of Florence Creek in Desolation Canyon a few years back.

Dennis going purple.

And Andy going basil green.

With a nod to John Hartford

Gin-and-Tonic Man getting tucked in on the bottom side.

Shiny flow coats.

Dan’s duct tape shoe bottoms: to keep the epoxy out of his soles.

Cutting in the handles

Saturday night–the AzRA crowd invaded and insisted on a bowling party. Somer scored the first strike here.

Okay, damn it, back to work. Some of the wowzers wanted to partially gloss the decks instead of non-skidding the whole things.

I stole Greg’s SeaDek shirt to help with the magic of getting the SeaDek cut and installed properly.

Ducks help. So do bronze ingots.

Then comes the final deck flow coat and the sprinkling on of slip-grip–a crushed polyester nonskid that gives traction and hides imperfections.

Dan and RJ pull the final masking.

A few final details.

And it’s out to the back yard for the group photo. All ten boards with almost all their riders. We photoshopped in Greg, our mentor (or an earlier incarnation of him) since he had to go to a trade show in Florida and couldn’t play with us, poor fellow.

Much gratitude to Greg for sending us down this bizarre detour. And yes, we are taking orders. The minimum order is nine boards, ten grand.