I’ve been so busy that the blog has lapsed a bit. With Moe’s oars finished, Lora and I took the mighty ship out to McHood Reservoir, south of Winslow, on Thursday to see if she floats.

She does, but it is best, as it turns out, to finish untying her before floating her, so she does not end up cockly-wobbly on the fenders while the locals chuckle.

But she rows like a dream and is dry as can be.

The stern hatch provides shade for winter-pale legs and makes a good backrest.

Back in the shop, Janek and I finished up the gunwale boards and notched in the ribs.

Measuring for the tricky inner gunwale cut.

And on they go.

Trimming the bolts off even with the sex nuts.

Routing the gunwale tops before sanding and oiling.

How sweet it is.

Here I am trying to set the world’s record for cutting out latch holes with a dying router bit. The fiberglass trashed the carbide edge to the point where it is doing more burning than cutting. Often this will make a bit so hot it just snaps off. Or it sets the project on fire.

Amazingly I made it through all twelve latch holes without catastrophe. Don’t try this at home.

On Saturday we had the great honor of hosting a house concert by Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum. About fifty lucky locals got to attend. It was sublime.

And just to keep me from getting too relaxed, Jim McKenzie showed up Sunday to start a replica of the Betty Boop hull. The lofting table is ready.

And the ducks are all in a row. For the chine bend we had to bring in the heavy artillery. A stiff batten on a tight curve. But we got it.