This morning Josh and I milled out a pile of the lovely Port Orford Cedar that has been curing near the shop ceiling for the last few months. This stack should get us through the ribbing of the Rio Rojo, and well into the deck framing.

Here is a large, expensive pile of the sweetest smelling wood shavings you’ll ever come across. If you have never smelled fresh Port Orford Cedar (or have and wish to smell it again) send a stamped (two stamps), self-addressed envelope to Fretwater Boatworks, 1000 Grand Canyon Avenue, Flagstaff, AZ 86001, and I’ll send you a handful of heaven.

And this evening, back to the sticky stuff, fairing out the interior before we start dropping in the ribs.

Sticky tools curing, waiting to be cleaned up on the belt sander in the morning.