With the bottom now attached, the clamps come off, the bottom gets trimmed and a strip of fiberglass tape is epoxied over it just to make sure nothing comes loose.

Then we turn the strongback inside-out, changing it–with the addition of a few new sticks, into a cradle, and flip the whole shootin’ match over.

Next we clean up the interior and begin the inside layup. A bomber base layer of 25oz biaxial 45/45 with 3/4 oz matte. Bad ass. A layer of 4oz. Innegra–a new miracle fabric that should add a great deal of resilience to the craft; and a cover layer of 10oz. glass.

The lofting ducks are delighted to come out of the cold lofting room and swim in the silky new pond.

Before we saturate the new layup, we are spooging in a chine fillet to smooth the corner transition.

Then in with the goo–Resin Research 2040 fast kick. Let’s see if we can get it all done before the corner fillets begin to kick.

Fred is mixing, Dennis is rolling it through, and Lora, Dan and I are squeegeeing it all into place. Starting in the center, moving to the perimeter, massaging all the wacky corners into compliance. Go, go go.

Amazing. It works again. The Innegra does not lose its whiteness when saturated, which is hard to accept when you want to see all the glass fully saturated and translucent. But we git ‘er done.

Now, after some more annoying grinding, We’re ready to juice up the sides.

The ducks think they’ve gone to heaven.