Janek showed up this morning to learn the art of annoying sanding and fiberglass work. So in we went, sanding and scraping, chiseling and smoothing, until mid-afternoon. Then we glassed. We started on the fillet joints, which affix the decks to the hull, and raged on until he had to go.

After a coffee break I launched back into the night shift until Lexi and Derik stopped by about ten pee em. It was a good excuse to quit, so we did a shop tour. After a half a bottle of Sailor Jerry’s spiced rum they wanted to know what I had going on the current project and if, perhaps, they could help. Ha! Glove up!


Two hours later we finished the filleting. They had the good sense to flee. I stuck around.

Does this last shot look like a hobgoblin or a jack-o-lantern to you?

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