After getting the final fifteen thousand little details of the deck framing and bracing done, the hatch interiors and framing are done, painted, oiled, glued, screwed and ready to cover up forever. Now for some more fun: spiling the strange-shaped deck boards and cutting up lots of expensive plywood.

In the foreground of the first picture is the spilling board for the foredeck. Hard to decipher but it contains all the points needed to make (in theory) a perfect deck.

Ducks in a row, lining up all the points. Then, after double-checking the angles of each cut, I saw out the board and, hoping against hope, take it over to the boat and try to make it fit.

Gobsmacked. This has never happened before. It fit absolutely perfect the first time.

Off and running: a couple more pieces went in, with hatches cut out, before the lateness of the evening made me quit.

But not until a bit of contemplation in the front seat.

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  1. Anonymous February 24, 2013 at 8:36 pm - Reply

    looks like this boat is going to be a beauty- very sexy curves!

    Randy White

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