For close to a week I have been dancing back and forth between lofting and reality, neither of which seem to want to make the boat quite right. Lofting makes lovely lines, but reality insists that they be changed again for the plywood to actually do that. Finally, today, after about three returns to the drawing board with the ribcage, we got what we wanted. So we created side one, traced it onto another panel to make the reciprocal and identical side two, then fastened side one onto the strongback–then took a break. Progress at last.
This evening I cut out the second side, set up my one-man-band side clips and man handled it onto the boat. Astonishingly, it fit just perfectly. We may have a symmetrical boat. How odd.

And back to the scarfing table for one last squashification, making two sheets of half-inch plywood into one big long floor. Here are a couple examples of previous scarfs. The first is mighty well squashed.

This other one may have had a wee bit of extra epoxy in it.

Turning plywood that has been scarf-cut but in the way for the last several days, into a floor.

And the lights go lower for the evening reflective session. It is starting to look like a boat.

My social life these days:

Buddha taking on a bit of sawdust.

Sometimes way too loud is not nearly loud enough.