What a Christmas treat—to get to play in the boatshop all day. Again. Josh and Joel came by and we started by putting the chine caps and bottom skids on Moe. They looked so good as stained oak that we are now thinking we might not be able to paint all the trim green as Nevills did. There will still be plenty of green, but we can’t bear to lose all that beautiful white oak.

Don and Scott Perry wandered by and quickly ended up with drills and screw guns in their hands. And pretty quick we were ready to roll.

We sent Josh down under to disconnect Moe from the strong back. No easy task, but he got ‘er done.

And up she went.

(video lost in space)

Sometimes it’s nice to have five screw guns. We broke down the strongback in short order.

And over she goes.

(video lost in space)

How did Santa know that was just what I wanted?