With the shipment of white oak several days overdue, I spent a lot of time tacking its pilgrimage on the computer. From Indiana it went to St. Louis, Kansas City, and on to Denver. That made sense. It was due here the following day, last Friday. Then it got a wild hair and went up to Salt Lake City, then south to Cedar City for the weekend. I guess it wanted to check out Utah. Yesterday it found its way to Phoenix and shortly after midnight, headed up to Flagstaff. It arrived looking a lot like you or I would if we’d traveled that route:

Kind of like it loosened its tie and belt, ruffled up its hair, and decided to make itself comfortable in the corner. Christopher, the freight guy, dragged it out in pieces and I loaded on my trailer. To my amazement, it was all there and in fine shape. Josh and I spent a few hours this afternoon building a mighty new rack and stickering the oak up near the ceiling where it will get plenty of warm air circulating in amongst it. Some folks like the trick of putting a bucket of water or a raw egg above the door to fall on visitors. We thought we’d one-up that and go with 1077 pounds of oak timbers. The other 350 pounds. are ready to tumble on you when you turn on the stereo.

With all the wood now on the premises, and the floors and sides all scarfed, it is time to finish lofting up the detail work. Which does not come out well in photos.

For the rest of the week we’ll be building the transom, bow post, and cross-frames. If all goes well we could pull the hull together this weekend. That’s a mighty big if.