Earl came by this morning and we cut and ground Moe’s new sides fair with the chines. Then we test-fit, marked, and cut out the bottom panels. Joel and Josh came by at the perfect time and we did a multi-stage assembly:
Affix the bottom panel temporarily in place.
Lay the top panel on precisely and mark it with indexing lines so we can easily drop it in place once the epoxy is on.
Set second panel aside.
Life-calk© the first panel to the chines, one end at a time.

Re-affix the first panel in place with a few screws coming up from inside.
Roll straight epoxy on top of first panel and bottom of second. Dawn is documenting this stage.

Spread thickened epoxy all over the place.
Drop second panel on along our precise index lines.
Clamp, mark, and screw.

Do victory dance on top of bottom.

She’s a boat. Crude, but we’re working on that.