This being the one hundredth anniversary of the Kolb brothers’ expedition down the Green and Colorado, the Grand Canyon Association decided to do a retrospective show of the Kolb bothers’ escapades during their three quarters of a century on the rim. Many Kolb descendants came to the opening on Wednesday and Thursday so Edith and I drove up to join them. Here is Edith getting her first rim view of the Canyon:

Down in the Kolb Studio we met Emery Kolb’s grandson, Emery “Smoky” Lehnert and his wife Ruth. Smoky grew up at the rim with Grand Canyon and the Kolb Studio as his playgrounds. This is their first visit since Emery Kolb died in 1976. Boy, do they have some stories.

Storytelling runs in the family, and Smoky’s daughter Jennifer suffers from the affliction as well.

Jennifer’s daughter Kerstin, one of Emery Kolb’s twin great-great-granddaughters, listens to grandpa spin another one.

Edith spent all afternoon basking in the sun in front of the El Tovar.

Even the new Superintendent, Dave Uberuaga, succumbed to her charms.

It was an utterly delightful time. What a treat.

(thanks to Wayne Ranney for the last two shots)