Ah… painting that fine, sweet curve of Betty’s boop. Mmmm.

And the way she so delicately balances on the stern eye.

Amy puts the second coat on the letters. If you mix fresh-fallen snow with Jameson whisky, it makes quite a nice slushie.

Every picture I take of this boat has a different color orange. Or red. Or whatever it is.

Alan from down the street, a prospective new owner (as if anyone could own Betty Boop) came by to visit her. He’s been Boop-Oop-a-Dooped. Poor guy. I mentioned that since I took the rot away, more people are falling in love with her. Before, they just told me I was nuts. Alan, who first saw her in her most wretched state, looked at me and said, “I loved her even when she was rotten.”