Geez. It’s really late but I have some cool pictures to post. We finished up the deck framing today and dragged Edith outdoors for a photo match with a 1911 shot of Ellsworth at the Racine Boat Company.

The original I cannot legally paste here, but here is a link :

Ellsworth Kolb at the Racine Boat Company, 1911

And our match:

We broke for the afternoon but I drew night shift duty (my boss is a tyrant). Starting around 6 p.m. I went after about a zillion little things that weren’t quite right and needed fixing. Adjustments, patches, fills, tightenings, sanding… and around 11 started the inner oiling of Edith. At 1 a.m. I finished rubbing down the second coat and took a few photos.

Each and every frame is a completely different radius. They all play in concert to define the deck.


It breaks my heart that the next move is to cover all this up.