After a great deal of pacing, procrastinating, going to the bathroom, and other assorted important details, I took the Dewalt circular saw and cut the first sheer line. I’d say it’s pretty damned close–a little touch up with the belt sander after the gunwales are on will be plenty.

Then I carefully transferred my measurements to the other side.

And cut that side too. I can definitely see where I want to make a slight adjustment, but at least it is very minor and is symmetrical. Next I cut the inner gunwales (inwales) and tried to clamp them into place. Oh yeah. They have to bend in a way they don’t want to. Just like the danged strakes. Didn’t I just relearn that? So it was back to the steam box.

With the inwales steaming away, the operating-room lights off, and the mood light on, Edith and I had a little quality time together. A little whiskey, a little provocative conversation…

Oh baby. She loves to pose in the nude. But enough of that. The steam box having done it’s work, Edith is back in shackles for the rest of the evening while the inwales adapt to their new shape.

Once the inwales are cooled off, I’ll scarf them together and fasten them into the boat.
And she is a boat. She would actually float now. Really well. For a long time. Wheeee!