What fun. Jewelry and make-up for Moe all day. Hinges and latches, screw-eyes and handles, green paint, weatherstripping, and lots of rope. The ancient icebox latches went on quite nicely and have a surprisingly satisfying feel as they close down.

The new brass screweyes look most excellent and the Hempex synthetic manila rope slid on very nicely. I used the same half-inch Hempex on the Edith and really like how it looks and handles. In this shot I am looking at WEN photos on the iPad to see how Nevills laced up his stern.


Greg got to get in a bit of screwing.

And I got to practice my Boy Scout Pioneering Merit Badge rope splicing.

I think Moe likes being all trussed up.

So: I guess she’s about done. Once I get my oars figured out I can drill in the oarlock holes. A few dabs of paint yet to go. But for now, Moe is finito. Pretty exciting. So lest any moss grows on my rolling stone, I resurfaced the lofting table this evening so we can start drawing up the next boat tomorrow: a full-size Briggs dory commission, the Rio Rojo.

And as the temperatures drop below zero again, dinner by the indoor campfire.