Here are a couple low-res clips from the Cataract trip. We had those cute little GoPro cameras mounted on the foredeck for the rapids. The videos look way better with the big files on the big screen but this gives you a feeling of what the Edith is like in the big splashy stuff: really wet.

Been Hurt Island


A short, wet, funky drop, just upstream of Big Drops One, Two, and Three.
[The videos seem to have vanished. Check back later]
Big Drop Two
A fast cut behind a rock, moving from left to right. The big rock I go past toward the end of this shot flipped our raft.

Big Drop Three
This one was a bit puckery. Although both raft folks made it to shore, the raft had a violent, ugly, upside-down run here. It is a blind entry with monstrous holes and pourovers adjacent to the one, oh-so-thin, ever-so-narrow, truly sweet line. Sliding through there made me smile. And spit.

Edith got another coat of Linseed oil-Turpentine-Varnish today in preparation for her Grand Canyon trip in a few days. Although I thought I might have all sorts of re-design and retrofitting to do after the Cataract shake-down, there really wasn’t much I wanted to change. We got her right the first time—as right as you can get a Galloway boat.